Do's and Don'ts When Writing Autobiography

Do's and Don'ts When Writing Autobiography

When you become a student, there’s one thing that you will have to do - it’s writing an autobiography. We’re here to prevent this task from becoming your nightmare.

What an average student has is a lack of time, no super-strong motivation to cope with the task in a moment - this makes us google an autobiography example and simply rewrite it. But that’s not the best option.

We’d love to offer you some help with the writing routine and make it a bit less painful for each student. Scroll down and follow the steps to make the autobiography writing routine efficient in a matter of time and effort.

Do’s when writing an autobiography

dos when writing autobiography

Here are the things that will make the writing process painless and efficient. You can view these steps and google an autobiography example to see how the end result looks like.

Google autobiography example

It’s better to take this step before you write your own text or when you feel you’ve run out of ideas. You can see the style and you can see the way someone has crafted the autobiography.

Take a look at the structure of the autobiography, what comes first and how the author expresses personal position. Of course, you can find some bad samples that will guide you in the wrong way, so don’t treat all the samples to be examples to follow.

Make an outline

Making a simple plan is not enough - you should add as much detail as you can. There should be a logical order of the items in the plan and some short notes on each point. This is the hardest part of the writing routine as you can rewrite the outline for a few times. You can think of some key events from your life and describe how they influenced you.

Get your text ready

Expand your outline into a text that will look like a real autobiography. Divide it into paragraphs and into sections if required. If you have composed more than two pages of the text, you need to think of a proper structure and adding titles and subtitles. Most of the students start procrastinating at this stage, so be ready to overcome this obstacle.

Edit and proofread the autobiography

Mind the visual attractiveness of the text and correct all the mistakes. If you have written the autobiography yourself, we advise you to have some rest for a few hours and check the test for mistakes. Finding an editor that will proofread your text will make the process finish faster - you’ll also get a high quality of the text.

Use a board with the cards

Hang a large cork board on the wall, take the card with the episodes, blocks, fragments of your future autobiography example, and attach the cards on the board where you want. Put a pack of cards into your pocket, go to a nearby coffee shop, take out a pack and sit for some time shuffling them displaying episodes, considering the sequence, looking for good and bad moments.

The board allows you to see the complete picture before you start to write. It is a way to visualize the text with a good structure.

Don’ts when writing an autobiography

donts when writing autobiography

There are some common things that will not let you write a good autobiography. It’s good to know about them and prevent them if possible. Here are some of them.

Don’t try to describe everything in one autobiography

An autobiography should focus only on the primary idea. Of course, if you were writing a dissertation, you could spread this focus within a few pages. Even if there’s a lot to say or you describe completely different facts, it’s good to pick up the most prominent events that will describe you from a positive point of view.

Don’t skip proofreading

When you have a brilliant autobiography but full of mistakes, it won’t do any good for you. It’s good to read the text for a few times. Remove all the plague words and don’t use any unnecessary comparisons.

You will need to check every single detail, especially if it’s your first try. Once you think that the job is done, take a nap or rest a while and come back to proofreading again. We recommend you to do at least three checks with some rest in between. This will make your brain notice even the slightest drawbacks.

Don’t wait until the deadline

A common situation for students is waiting until the last night before the deadline. They cannot sleep as they need to complete the task on time. But can an autobiography be well-structured and contain major facts from someone’s life? Can anyone check all the mistakes if there was a night with no sleep? We believe that there should be at least three days for a student to work on this task.

Get help with writing

We’re here to assist you with the writing routine and make the text stand out. We value your time and effort, so we’ll guide you through the steps of writing or do this task for you.